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Authors: Gordana Novakovic and Miroslav Savic
Gordana Novakovic
Miroslav Savic

"The Shirt Of A Happy Man", videotape, 1992, - Betacam SP, PAL
Duration:12 min.

The idea of this project came as a result of the identical comprehension of art by two authors (Gordana Novakovic and Miroslav Savic), of art understood as a unique spiritual category.

The possibility for the joint realization of the project lies in the authors’ openness to explore new technologies, especially those which can be transposed into art procedures, without neglecting any of the traditional art postulates.

The formulation of a specific system of work arose out of this situation, fully in accord with the nature of the new media, but without any ambition of promoting it into a universal concept.

"In this case the bird is the most appropriate symbol of transcendence. It represents the particular nature of intuition acts through a "medium", i.e. the individual who is able to acquire knowledge of remote events or knowledge of facts which he consciously knows nothing – by entering into a state which is similar to a trance."

The use of electronic media in order to satisfy the primordial need for the ritual, which initiates in man the spheres of unconscious unfettered associative thought, stands in contrast to rationally formulated messages ensuing from the basic information purpose of electronic media. Video and computer mediums may also be understood in a different way, i.e. as a function of electronic ritual.

The nature of communication between the observer and the object in this case presupposes an active relationship towards what the medium transmits, since it has no previously determined message or meaning. What it actually offers is a world of symbols, images, and sounds, that provide a framework for the creation of it’s own, personal and always different experience.

This work, in a way, paraphrases the well-known fairy tale that tells of the endeavor to achieve complete harmony of one’s own personality. In this endeavor, Form experiences certain transformations, thus achieving the essential unity of music and painting.

Abstract concepts, even those with very precise meanings have, for each and every man, particular meanings due to each man’s unique Unconscious being.

"If only the image is given, it is a simply a vivid description of minor importance. However, when charged with the emotions, the image acquires a magical power (or psychological, i.e. mental energy) – it becomes dynamic and produces specific effects.

The concrete work, in contrast, is but one possible part of a more complex project and consists of several elements, which were realized from various sources and different media (such as photography, video animation, computer music, computer graphics, traditional painting techniques, traditional music scores), whose execution includes a wide range of procedures spanning interpretations to multimedia performances.

The drapes in the so-called real world are the carriers of information about form, movement and space. In the fields of the graphic presentation of the abstract, the plane, they may also suggest form, space and time.
Form, is the transmitter of all these characteristics.

As related to the aural,
Form is a polyphonic construction whose movement is represented by unstable tonal pitches. The polyphony of Form has nothing in common with the classical polyphony of Occidental music since it does not follow the logic of musical cannons, but rather the logic of the netlike contours of Form through which it acquires a micro tonal structure. The absence of tonal center provides it with a dynamic character otherwise absent in the classic comprehension of music. In this sense, it is pure sound, therefore a symbol.

The three-dimensional
Form deprived of color emanates all the characteristics into the space that is colored, two-dimensional and abstract. This contrast leads into the worlds of spiritual dimensions and they create specific interrelations which are characteristic of dreams.

The primary musical element, time, expressed by the rhythm of events, is a plane in which form and color enter into correlation with the sound. Thus the "image" also acquires a temporal dimension in the way the sound, with the help of image, and the image – out of sound, and this is a cyclical method which shapes the final work, which can also be understood as a story with a particular content.

Gordana Novakovic and Miroslav Savic, 1992

Screened at video and electronic art festivals in Linz, Berlin, Cidade De Vigo and Goetheborg

One of twenty works chosen for public presentation at the Festival of Computer Animation in Berlin, 1992.

"The Shirt of A Happy Man ", interactive performance (simultaneously painting and drawing performance utilizing watercolor, computer generated forms, plotter, tape recorded sound and video projections),"Interrelations", international exhibition, Protokol Gallery, Belgrade, 1993. Intention was that as direct contact between the spectator and the author as possible be established, united in the ritual of the genesis of the artistic creation as the impression of the moment, merging the individual energies and emotions .