Završna Izložba / The Final Exhibition

REX - Cultural centre B92, 16 Jevrejska Str.
Friday, 24 Octobar, 20:00
Opening of the exhibition OPEN SECRET

The exhibition features 30 works by authors coming from several towns in Serbia.

REX - B92 Cultural Centre carried out the OPEN SECRET project in collaboration with Resource Centres in Nis, Novi Pazar, Leskovac and Bor. In early May, in these towns, an open competition was announced inviting participants to submit their artistic and documentary works focusing on the topic of open secret. Workshops during which the works were prepared were held from May until October. These workshops were led by Zoran Todorovic, Dragan Jovanovic, Dragan Protic Dragan Peric and Nevena Ruzic, legal expert of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM). The works were shown in all host towns at closing exhibitions throughout September and October.

The Draft Law on Free Access to Information drawn up by four non-governmental organizations (Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM), Centre for Policy Studies, Forum for Ethnic Relations and the European Movement in Serbia provided the motive for carrying out this project. After a two-year-long procedure, the Serbian Parliament is to adopt this draft law, which become the Draft Law on Free Access to Information of Public Interest proposed by the government.

The main aim of the project was to explore the structure, meaning and importance of the social and psychological phenomenon of open secret by announcing the competition, holding workshops and staging exhibitions. In the working groups, formed in the course of the workshops organized at each Resource Centre, in which authors of different professions took part, different themes were discussed. Through a series of conversations with moderators, every participant searched for answers to the following questions: what is the aim of the creation of that particular work of art, what kind of message does it convey and who is that message intended for? Inevitably the questions regarding the purpose of artistic production were also posed: should works of art provide a mere decoration for the existing social relations or be their analytical mirror? Competition and project rules in general did not state that every participant must attend the workshops, but their works were created in consultation with the moderators and are the outcome of exchange of ideas.

Preparations for the exhibition and the opening

Pictures taken during the preparations and at the opening of the exhibition  

Exhibition staging

Pictures taken during exhibition staging  

Public guided tours of the exhibition

Pictures taken during public guided tours