About NIS:
Niš is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans. It is the second largest city in Serbia, and the centre of the Administrative District of the Nišava.
Situated at the crossroads, Niš connects the Balkans to Europe, and Europe to the near East. The city has more than 300 000 inhabitants. It is the centre of the whole south-eastern part of Serbia - the natural, social, economic , educational, medical, cultural and sports centre.

The ongoing process...

1. Preparatory Workshop:
the first workshop aims to prepare and instruct co-organizers as well as partner-organisations and to set up an operational plan for the project.
Workshop moderators: Nebojša Milikic and Ulrike Stieger

2. Informative / instructive Workshop:
Presentation and analysis of the various versions of the Draft Law on Free Access to Information and analysing some recent cultural and artistic projects referring on Open Secret phenomenon.
Workshop moderators: Nebojša Milikic and Nevena Ruzic

3. Consultative Workshop:
Consultations concerning the concept and the ways in which the works are to be created, budget planning and starting the production of works.
Workshop moderators: Nebojsa Milikic and Dragan Peric

4. Creative Workshop:
Finalizing works with reference to the concept agreed, discussing the display possibilities of the works and final budget plan.
Workshop moderators: Nebojsa Milikic and Dragan Peric