About BOR:
Bor is town with 40 000 citizens. There are 20 000 persons with working ability and 8000 of them indirectly or directly linked with copper production and refining jobs. Number of unemployment persons is 7 500. East Serbia is region with great mineral resources exploitation. Enormous percent of citizens settled and live here because of the job related with cooper industry. Workers and experts moved in Bor from all parts of former Yugoslavia. During seventy's town run economic and population boom, from early ninety's economy and population decreases but town is still modern and urban. No matter on comfort, flats in Bor is the cheapest in Serbia and Montenegro, and maybe on whole Balkan (you can bye two roomed flat for only 5000 euros).
As a result of long term crises with exploitation and ore quality, together with old produce and refining copper technology, Bor become a so cold "dying town". Last year 3500 employees left RTB Bor as redundant labors.
RTB workers exposed to trauma from processes of transition and deindustrialization request the government to take full responsibility for RTB and the whole city.
All economy infrastructures in Bor are related with RTB, and no one is still ready to look for other potential resources for economic recovery.

The ongoing process...

1. Preparatory Workshop:
the first workshop aims to prepare and instruct co-organizers as well as partner-organisations and to set up an operational plan for the project.
Workshop moderators: Nebojša Milikic and Ulrike Stieger

2. Informative / instructive Workshop:
Presentation and analysis of the various versions of the Draft Law on Free Access to Information and analysing some recent cultural and artistic projects referring on Open Secret phenomenon.
Workshop moderators: Nebojša Milikic and Nevena Rusic

3. Consultative Workshop:
Consultations concerning the concept and the ways in which the works are to be created, budget planning and starting the production of works.
Workshop moderators: Zoran Todorovic

4. Creative Workshop:
Finalizing works with reference to the concept agreed, discussing the display possibilities of the works and final budget plan.
Workshop moderators: Zoran Todorovic